Rob Stephens For Oakwood City Council

As a lifelong Oakwood resident and small business owner, I know first-hand the importance of local government in the lives of the citizens of Oakwood. We have a long, rich history of hard work and dedication to ensure that our community prospers and that our children have the access to the same benefits of living in Oakwood as previous generations -- ours is truly a unique community and I am honored to be a part of it.

In addition to working in Oakwood, I have been an active community leader for many years, and I am glad to bring that experience as a business owner and community leader to Oakwood City Council. It is critical that our community elects individuals who understand and appreciate our history, while at the same time, have the ability to look toward the future with a keen eye that ensures our city's success. Specifically, I will continue to bring the following to Oakwood's City Council:

Sound Fiscal Judgment

  • I will continue to use my experience as a small business owner to ensure the city's tax dollars and financial resources are well managed, particularly in these economic times
  • I will continue to work collaboratively to find ways to expand the city's tax base

Proven Leadership

  • I am an active voice for preserving Oakwood's unique character, but will always have an eye toward the future
  • I will draw upon my leadership roles in volunteer organizations to work through issues facing the community

Community Involvement

  • I will continue to actively communicate with Oakwood citizens to bring their voices to issues affecting our community
  • I will continue to maintain Oakwood's high community standards through thoughtful, collaborative decision-making with community members